Honey is a Web 3.0 social platform for VRchat. It is a NFT character that players can customize and enjoy "Real Life" in the metaverse world through the character.
Honey it contains diverse features such as private emotional social, private exclusive NFT, remote private contact, global emotional service, and makes great plans to realize satisfying all the players' private wishes, so that everyone can find their dreams in Metaverse.
Unlimited Scalability
Robust blockchain technology
Made for the Metaverse

Honey provides wearable digital assets for Virtual Avatars in the form of NFTs. These are used to give Avatars a unique look in the Metaverse. Honey also has its own booming NFT marketplace, HoneyMT. It is where people can buy and sell wearable digital assets in the form of NFTs.

Users can also create wearable digital assets for the Honey Metaverse and sell them on the Honey Game Marketplace. Users can create any NFT and assign it to their virtual Avatar as a wearable device. This includes skin, shoes, clothing and accessories. These are also unique items that can be quickly bought and sold through HoneyMT.

Personalized NFT should be the symbol of everyone in the virtual world and can be changed according to mood. Our NFT image is not fixed and can be changed at any time. For example, we can change a new hairstyle or clothes every day. Of course, every time we change the image, To cost $Honey.
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Phase 1

Team Building

Architecture Honey Platform Design

White Paper Writing

Create character artwork

Development of game character models for Honey

Designing the economic model for Honey

Design of Social-Fi application for Honey

Phase 2

On-line social media

Honey face pincher testing

Smart Contract Testing

Connect Partners

Private Sales

Phase 3

Launching and promoting Discord

Advertise on >50 mainstream community channels

YouTube Project Explained

IDO Whitelist Contest

DEXtools banner ad placement

Bscscan banner ad placement

AMA promotion with large communities

Phase 4

Coingecko and Coinmarketcap

More big partners and influencers

Let 10,000+ people get attention

CEXs Listing

Phase 5

Desktop Metaverse Alpha launch

World Builder alpha launch

NFTDUEL public alpha launch

More IPs acquisition

Phase 6

VR Metaverse alpha Launch.

Game Builder alpha launch.

More IPs acquisition, cooperation.

The $Honey token scenario applied to the NFT

Each NFT (ERC-721) is unique and irreplaceable.

Each costume, expression, hair, and body movement is presented as an NFT.

The $Honey tokens will be used to purchase finished costumes or blind boxes of rare costumes to extract NFTs.

Free combination of costumes will be synchronized with the generation of Honey game.

The Honey game includes social chat, vlogs, and games, so that everyone can find their dreams in Metaverse.

  • What is Honey's program?

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    Honey is a Web3 lifestyle app with inbuilt Game-Fi and Social-Fi elements.

  • What is Social-Fi?

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  • Why Honey NFT?

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  • When will the game launch?

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  • How do you work with honey?

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